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Flow: [verb.] steadily moving forward smoothly. 


After 6 years in the mortgage industry working for top San Diego mortgage brokers, Tainá Armiche knew she wanted to continue to help people move smoothly toward their personal and financial goals using real estate. Armiche felt strongly about working for a mortgage company focused on building long-lasting relationships built on trust, education, and mutual respect and appreciation, so in 2021 she founded Flow Mortgage with these principles in mind. 

With a focus on streamlined technology and a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and compassionate team, Flow Mortgage promises an efficient and user-friendly home finance process with an honest and upfront experience. We happily take on the difficult part of the loan process ‑‑ from beginning to end — to ensure everything flows for our clients. 

Why go with Flow? 

  • We care about consumers.We care about mortgage consumers and about the work we do. That means before anything, we want the best for each person we communicate with, even if that means we don’t close their loan right away. Money comes after doing the right thing by consumers. We believe that in the long run, that is the best way to earnlong-lasting business relationships. 


  • We care about our products. As a mortgage broker, we consider it our responsibility to offer a wide range of products from different lenders.That way we are staying current with the industry and ensuring that we’re putting the best options on the market in front of consumers. 


  • We care about our service. This means we focus on taking time to educate consumers and borrowers, not just sell them. This means we focus on continuing to educate our team as the industry changes. This means we set realistic expectations and if things don’t go as planned, we are honest, upfront, and do our best to deliver on our agreement.


  • We care about the industry. We do what we can to improve the mortgage industry. We believe that we create a better home finance environment when we are transparent with consumers, with our borrowers, with our team, and even with our competitors. We respect people, and we don’t cheat or use cheap tricks to gain business.


  • We are fair. We have a fair price and we’re transparent about our compensation, fees, and costs associated with the loan. 


  • We are fun! You can’t fake a great attitude for long. We pride ourselves on being genuinely happy with what we do, which makes working with us a lotta fun!  


  • We FLOW. Flow has many definitions, one of which involves flow state (known colloquially as beingin the zone). It’s a mental state in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. We can’t put our attitude about what we do much better than that!


Contact us today for honest, upfront service and expert advice on your mortgage refinance or new home purchase. Let’s Flow!

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